Can CBD Curb Nicotine Addiction

Pretty much everybody has heard all about the amazing things CBD is capable of, though the fact that CBD also has the potential to curb nicotine addiction isn’t very well known at all. CBD, one of the many compounds in marijuana, is a non-psychoactive substance that now, more than ever, is helping a vast number of people improve their day lives. Let’s talk a little bit about what addiction is, and then dive into how CBD may be able to help:

What is addiction?

Addiction is something that happens when the brain experiences pleasure from things like sex or good food – these pleasurable activities release dopamine, a strong chemical in the body that makes us feel good. The dopamine, then, acts like reward system: when we do certain things, we feel pleasure. Addiction happens when a person begins to crave that pleasure, with some drugs being able to actually stimulate dopamine production – one of these is nicotine.


How does CBD work to combat nicotine addiction?

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a complete answer to this question yet as we still don’t know entirely how CBD interacts with the body as there hasn’t been nearly enough research done on the subject. However, it has been demonstrated by some studies that CBD may positively influence the dopamine pathways in our body, the ones that are so closely associated with addiction, and so there may be hope yet.


Is there any more science to back it up?

There are actually quite a few reputable scientific studies to back up the claim that CBD can help combat addiction. For example, a study by the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit in London discovered that CBD can aid in reducing tobacco consumption. The study looked at several smokers who wanted to stop, and each of them were given either a CBD inhaler or a placebo to use whenever they felt like they needed a cigarette. The results of this particular study were very promising, with those who had the CBD inhalers reducing their cigarette intake by up to 40%.


In Conclusion…

It’s clear that there certainly isn’t enough research on the subject to give a well-rounded answer to the question of whether or not CBD can help fight nicotine addiction, although the evidence so far is encouraging. Hopefully, in time, more studies will be done, and marijuana will become less taboo so that everybody can benefit from it.


By Brodie Mckenzie

Dutch CBD Farmer

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