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Can CBD Treat Haemorrhoids

It’s now a well-known fact that cannabis, particularly CBD, is pretty much a miracle worker when it comes to treating medical conditions. From skin issues to anxiety, CBD has been said to be able to ease the symptoms of lots of different ailments, and hemorrhoids is no exception. Let’s talk more about what exactly hemorrhoids is, as well as how CBD may be able to treat it:

What are haemorrhoids?

I think it’s pretty much agreed upon that haemorrhoids is both an embarrassing and incredibly painful condition. It is characterized by swelling in and around the anus and can cause sufferers huge discomfort. It may surprise you to know that this ailment is incredibly common, affecting at least three quarters of the worlds’ population at least once in their lifetime – luckily for them, CBD may be able to relieve symptoms.

Haemorrhoid Symptoms

It is true to say that haemorrhoid symptoms aren’t severe for everybody, in fact some people don’t even notice that they have them and can go months without knowing they’re even there. Although, unfortunately for some others, haemorrhoids can be painful and can result in itching and blood around the anus.

Haemorrhoid Causes

This condition actually has a couple of different causes, with some science supporting the fact that it may even be partly genetic. Common causes of haemorrhoids include straining muscles during a bowel movement or weightlifting, sitting for too long, and not eating enough fiber. As you can probably tell, haemorrhoids can be avoided with a healthy and mindful lifestyle, though sometimes it isn’t all that easy. This is where cannabis comes in.

CBD and Haemorrhoids: How Can It Help?

Obviously, CBD isn’t able to magically cure haemorrhoids – or any condition really – but it definitely can offer some much-needed relief to people whose lives are being negatively affected by the condition. Because CBD is anti-inflammatory it can aid massively in pain relief and also in reducing swelling, itchiness and redness.

The best consumption method I would personally suggest for using CBD to cope with haemorrhoids is a topical one. Try to find a decent cream, oil or lotion and apply it gently to the affected area – do this and you should hopefully feel a little bit better.

It’s important to keep in mind that you should always consult your doctor before using CBD as a medical treatment.

Has CBD ever helped you in any way? Let us know in the comments!


By Brodie Mckenzie

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