CBD and Balancing Hormones

Recent research has discovered

lots of interesting stuff about the body’s endocannabinoid network and how it stimulates receptors in the endocrine system – which, if you don’t know, is a collection of glands which produce hormones to regulate all kinds of bodily functions. All of the results have been very fascinating, namely some discoveries that suppose CBD can have an effect on hormones in the body, which is actually really cool because this may pave the way for new therapies and treatments for hormone-related conditions, like the menopause and diabetes.

Hormones are chemical messengers which help regulate many functions in the body, such as sleep, mood, reproduction, growth and development. And these hormones are made by the endocrine system, which can be activated by the CBD.

One of the things CBD may be able to help

regulate is sleep, because it can stimulate the release of sleep hormones such as melatonin. It does this by stimulating receptors in the pineal gland in the brain which, in turn, improves sleeping patterns. CBD may also be able to aid in preventing cortisol deficiency, which results in exhaustion.

CBD also has the potential to treat endocrine diseases, such as diabetes, which is caused by the pancreas not functioning properly and can result in obesity and heart disease. The pancreas’ job is to provide the body with insulin, ad when it stops working, our body is deprived of insulin. Insulin is incredibly important as it aids in mediating our metabolism and energy levels through the regulation of nutrient absorption. Essentially, it turns sugar into energy.


Sexual hormones

namely the ones involved in menopause, may be another thing CBD can help to regulate. During menopause, some women experience weaker bones because their bone density is reduced as a result of a reduction in sex hormones. Excessive GPR55 receptor activity is part of the whole process, leading to bone tissue loss and, at some point, osteoporosis. CBD can help with this because the cannabinoid has been found to inhibit GPR55 activity by helping to heal bones.

All in all, there’s a pretty big stack of evidence that CBD is able to improve the symptoms of many endocrine disorders and restore hormonal imbalance, though more research definitely does need to be done if we are ever going to get a clear picture of how exactly it all works.

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