Could CBD Treat Jet-lag

CBD is a substance that, at this point, seems to be capable of treating pretty much anything, jet-lag being no exception. Jet-lag can be a real downer and has ruined the idea of travelling for lots of people, though some experts are beginning to claim that CBD may be able to fight it off once and for all. Let’s take a closer look at what jet-lag is, as well as how CBD may be able to help manage it:

What is jet-lag?

Jet-lag is a blanket term for a combination of things commonly experienced when individuals travel through different time zones. Travelling through different times zones can result in the disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm – a physiological process that is responsible for matching the happenings inside our body with the day and night cycle of our location. In fact, circadian rhythms play vital roles in a whole range of different processes throughout the body, such as maintaining core body temperature and controlling brain waves.

Jet-lag, as I have already mentioned, is a combination of different symptoms, including insomnia, muscle aches, irritability, headaches, cramps, and digestion issues – clearly it isn’t very hard to see why people are searching for some kind of relief.

How can CBD relieve jet-lag?

CBD seems to be the perfect treatment for jet-lag due to the fact it is capable of many things. Essentially, CBD is good at treating lots of the individual symptoms of jet-lag on their own (like tiredness or irritability), and so is extremely effective.

CBD and Sleep Issues

Disturbances in sleep is one of the most common symptoms of jet-lag and is definitely the one people should be trying to treat. This is because sleep problems often lead to the other issues associated with jet-lag, such as irritability and headaches. Taking CBD can be a very soothing experience, and this alone can aid sleep. CBD also has the potential to treat REM sleep problems, as well as decrease daytime sleepiness.

CBD and Irritability

 Jet-lag is often characterized by moderate to severe irritability, though CBD actually has the ability to help with this. Scientific studies have proven that CBD aids in the regulation of cortisol, serotonin, and dopamine – all of which are chemicals within the body related to feeling good.


 CBD has the capacity to relieve lots of the different symptoms associated with jet-lag, and so it appears to be the perfect treatment. However, CBD affects everyone differently and because of this it is important to discuss taking CBD with your doctor before trying to use it to resolve any medical issues. There is also the question of legality, though, by now, most places allow the consumption of CBD.

Have you ever used CBD to cope with jet-lag? Let us know in the comments!

By Brodie Mckenzie

Dutch CBD Farmer

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