The Quickest Ways to Get CBD Into Your System

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that can be found in cannabis plants. This compound delivers a whole variety of different effects to its user, with more and more positive research about CBD’s potential being broadcast every single day. Most of the applications of cannabidiol are medicinal, though there are other things it can be useful for, like cosmetics. It goes without saying that a person who wanted to consume CBD, for whatever reason, would probably like to know what the quickest ways to get it into their body are – if that person is you, read on.

The Methods

There are several methods by which an individual can consume CBD, and each of these involves a distinct part of the body. The most popular methods of consumption are smoking, vaping, eating edibles, ingesting CBD sublingually, and applying it directly to the skin.

Vaping and Smoking CBD

These methods of consumption are definitely one of the quickest ways to get CBD into the bloodstream due to the fact that smoke or vapor that is inhaled will have almost immediate access to it. When inhaled, CBD enters the capillaries through the alveoli in the lunges. After this happened, the user should feel CBD’s soothing effects about ten minutes later. These methods are pretty decent – and insanely popular – although it is worth nothing that effects from smoking or vaping your CBD don’t last very long at all. In fact, the effects only last for up to three hours.

Applying CBD Directly to the Skin

This method, often referred to as topical application, is totally perfect for people who have skin conditions or perhaps those who don’t feel comfortable with smoking. Once a CBD-infused topical has been applied to the skin it is absorbed pretty rapidly and soon enters the bloodstream. This delivery method typically takes about an hour to kick in, though it really is worth the wait – especially for individuals who need treatment to be applied locally. Applying CBD topically also ensures that its effects will last for a while (five hours.)

Taking CBD Under the Tongue

Consuming CBD under the tongue (sublingually) is a very effective way of getting the compound into the body fast. Sublingual administration is extremely quick, with effects that can be felt within minutes. Lasting anywhere between four and six hours, this method provides both quick and long-term relief.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are, of course, ingested orally, and are another very popular way of consuming CBD. Ingesting the compound orally, however, means that the user will be waiting for up to two, or maybe even three, hours to feel its effects.

Edibles come in all shapes and sizes, from hot chocolate, to cakes, spreads, milkshakes, biscuits and much more. What’s more is that just like topical applications, it is perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable smoking and keeps working for up to six hours.

In Conclusion…

There are a whole range of ways CBD can be consumed, though taking It under the tongue is certainly the fastest way to get it into the bloodstream. Each of the aforementioned methods are good at different things, and hopefully now you have learned enough about them to decide which is right for you.

What’s your favourite way to take CBD? Let us know in the comments down below!

By Brodie Mckenzie


Dutch CBD Farmer

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