Almost 50% Of Those Who Use CBD Quit Traditional Medicines

If you’ve heard of Cannabidiol, or CBD, then you’ll probably be well aware of its wellness properties and ability to treat a whole variety of conditions and illnesses, from muscle soreness to cancer symptoms, there’s evidence to show that CBD can help with pretty much anything pain-related. The results of one surprising new study may show that CBD is overtaking even the most traditional pharmaceutical medicines. Let’s take a look:

CBD a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, which means that it doesn’t get those who consume it ‘high.’ Instead, people who use cannabidiol do so in order to take advantage of its ability to alleviate pain. This new study, conducted by Brightfield Group and HelloMD, surveyed thousands of people to find out about their CBD usage.

The results of the survey are incredibly interesting, with 42% of participants admitting that they had quit traditional pain medication, such as Tylenol or Vicodin, and switched to using CBD to treat their symptoms instead. Furthermore, a whopping 80% of people said that they found the compound to be ‘extremely effective.’ With less than 3% of participants saying they didn’t feel any effects.

While this many people reaping the benefits of CBD is a good thing, it seems that they may not even know what they’re buying. 8% of those surveyed said that they didn’t know what CBD product they used, which means that the industry has a lot to work on in regard to educating its customer base. This education is incredibly important, seeing as there are two kinds of CBD product – hemp-derived and marijuana derived. Both of these varieties have different legal statuses in different places, which is why it is integral for consumers to know the difference.

All in all, it seems that CBD is becoming increasingly successful despite how big traditional pharmaceutical companies are, and so there may be hope yet. CBD is being legalized in lots of places much faster than THC and, because of this, I don’t think it will be long at all before it’s no longer taboo to use this natural oil to treat pain.

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