CBD and Workout Aftercare

Going to the gym, whether you’re a total beginner or an expert, is sure to result in muscle soreness, at least most of the time. These aches and pains experienced post-workout are entirely normal, and actually have a name – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what DOMS is, as well as explore a little more into how CBD has been being shown to help relieve it:

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is simply the body’s indication that particular muscles have been used, because when muscles get used, they tear. Muscle growth is actually only achieved by working the muscle up until a certain point. If you use weighted enough equipment combined with compound movements, you’ll cause your muscles to tear a little – which will, in turn, encourage your body to adapt by growing the muscle back bigger and stronger.

DOMS can be incredibly painful and can even inhibit a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day tasks, which is why it is incredibly important that people are aware of how to treat it when it happens to them. Essentially, the muscle pain is the result of muscle damage and inflammation, which you’ve probably heard can be alleviated with ice or heat compression. However, athletes are now coming to the realization that CBD may be able to help.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that the compound is fantastic at fighting, you guessed it, inflammation. The Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry Journal has a paper published within it that analyses the effects of CBD on rats who suffer from inflammation. In the study, the rats were given CBD for three days and it was found that the compound reduced edema, which is swelling caused by fluid, and hyperalgesia, which means sensitivity to pain. These two symptoms are both characteristics of inflammation.

There are lots of different ways to consume CBD that don’t involve smoking because of the sheer boom of innovation within the cannabis industry. In fact, the compound can be administered through oils, capsules, lotions, and tinctures, to name a few. Why not have a little browse on  dutchcbdfarmer.com? You might like what you see.

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