CBD and Tattooing

If you’ve ever had a tattoo, then chances are you know already that it’s a painful process. Likewise, if you’ve ever even heard of tattooing, you’re probably aware of how uncomfortable it is. Tattoos are also painful even after the session, seeing as they have to heal, and may be swollen for several days. Fortunately, though, CBD may be able to ease some of the pain and discomfort that comes with the whole tattoo process. Here’s a little explanation into how:

Tattoos are permanent markings that are drawn onto the skin. The tool that is typically used to do this is a tattoo gun, which basically stitches little ink droplets that mark the skin every time the gun touches it, causing bleeding and discomfort. People get tattoos for a whole range of reasons, though most recently the most common reason for someone getting a tattoo is likely just self-expression.


Tattoo pain is something that everybody who wants one has to consider and deal with, though the severity of the pain depends on a lot of things, such as sleep, diet, and personal pain tolerance. Another huge factor in how painful your tattoo will be is the artist that is doing it. Some artists are careful so as not to hurt their clients, though others press down significantly harder. Either way, tattoos are going to hurt at least a little bit. However, there are some measures that can be taken to manage the pain – this is where CBD comes in.

CBD is a compound found within cannabis that is famous for its wellness properties – and no, it isn’t intoxicating or addictive. CBD, then, can be useful for those seeking a tattoo in any number of ways. For example, CBD consumption is known to calm the nerves and lessen anxiety, and so if that’s your problem with tattooing, worry no more.

Furthermore, CBD is an anti-inflammatory which means that it can help lessen inflammation during the tattooing process and lets your body adapt to the sensation of a tattoo. This is because CBD interacts with the pain receptors in the brain, which can ensure a nice, pain-relieving experience for those who ingest it.

All in all, CBD is a fantastic compound that has been used to treat a whole variety of different aches, pains and conditions – and tattoo pain is no exception. Getting a tattoo can be a stressful and, quite frankly, excruciating experience, and so there really isn’t anything to lose by trying a little CBD next time you go in for your ink.

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