CBD For Allergy Relief

Pretty much everybody is allergic to something and so the fact that CBD may be able to help with allergies is definitely ground-breaking to say the least. Let’s talk a little bit more about what an allergy actually is, as well as how CBD may be able to help combat them:

What Is An Allergy?

 Allergies are the immune system’s response to an external stimulus. This stimulus could be grass, a certain kind of flower, a specific fabric, or anything really – some people are even allergic to the

sun! Allergic reactions like hay-fever are typically harmless, although there are some serious ones that have the potential to be fatal.

The Symptoms

 Some of the symptoms closely associated with allergies are sneezing, coughing, hives, and rashes. All of these are a bit uncomfortable, but none of them deadly. However, some of the risks that are associated with allergic reactions are much more dangerous, such as chest tightness and swelling of the throat, lips, tongue and eyes. Some allergies can get so severe that they actually lead to other illnesses, like asthma.

What Can CBD Do To Help?

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a network of receptors found all throughout the body that are responsible for a whole range of physiological processes.

Studies have discovered that CBD is able to prevent mast cells from producing histamines, which are usually released during inflammation or allergic reactions. These histamines are what causes the less serious symptoms that were mentioned earlier (sneezing, rashes etc.)

CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, meaning that it has the potential to reduce swelling and irritation during an allergic reaction. It has also been shown to work to clear air ways. For example, an animal study that was undertaken in 2013 demonstrated the effects of CBD on the reduction of inflamed airways on rodents with food allergies. During this study, CBD was shown to inhibit airway obstruction and relax the muscles, meaning that it may be a useful treatment for allergy sufferers.

In Conclusion…

To conclude, CBD can and has done so much for us, and while there isn’t too much research to go on at this stage, what has been found so far is very encouraging. It is important not to substitute CBD for any medication that you may be prescribed at this early stage, though there is nothing wrong with using it as a complement alongside your normal treatments.

Have you or has anyone you know ever used CBD to help combat an allergy? Let us know in the comments. We would absolutely love to hear from you.


By Brodie Mckenzie

Dutch CBD Farmer

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