Can CBD Promote Weight Loss

CBD is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative medicine and is being used to treat all kinds of ailments. Scientists are even exploring the possibility that CBD may be able to aid weight loss and help people to reduce their risk of contracting conditions that are typically linked to being overweight, such as high blood pressure. Let’s take a closer look at whether or not CBD could help you shed a few pounds:

The endocannabinoid network is a system of receptors within the body that CBD interacts with. It is made up of lots of different receptors, namely CB1 and CB2. The former of these two are usually only found in and around the brain, though people who are obese actually have them throughout the rest of their body within fat tissues. Due to this strange phenomenon, experts believe that there might be some connection between CB1 receptors and obesity.

OK, But What Does Any Of This Have To Do With CBD?

CBD doesn’t directly activate the CB receptors as much as it does encourage the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids to do so – however, this may be enough to promote weight loss if the hypotheses about CB1 receptors and obesity are correct.

Can CBD Do Anything Else To Aid Weight Loss?

Yes! Some experts even suggest that the compound works as an appetite suppressant, which means that it may be ideal for people who give into their cravings and find it hard to control their diet. The science behind this is that CBD works to block CB1 receptors, the receptors which are seemingly somehow partly responsible for hunger.

Something else that is interesting is looking at this same receptor’s interaction with another cannabinoid, THC. When THC enters the body, it activates the CB1 receptors as opposed to blocking them which, in turn, stimulates the appetite. Cool, huh?

Always Remember…

Despite all of the positive things that CBD appears to do for the body to promote weight loss it is still important to remember never to substitute anything for a healthy diet and regular exercise. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight with the help of CBD then you should make sure only to do so as part of a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, consider the use of CBD as a complementary weight loss tool only.

So, What’s The Take Away From All This?

It is definitely true that CBD has been shown to help a lot of people with a lot of problems, but it’s vital to remember that there are no sustainable short-cuts when it comes to weight loss and general health. All of this means that while CBD appears to work wonders it may not do an awful lot if used alone, so use it in tandem with other things such as regular exercise and a decent diet. If you do that, you can’t go wrong.

Has CBD helped you or anybody else you know to lose weight? Tell us all about it in the comments down below!


By Brodie Mckenzie

Dutch CBD Farmer

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